Vandalism by Pak Army Officers: We are still “Bloody” Civilians ?

tyrant-boot-poster This is the story of Vandalism by Army Officers in IDP camps. I will put down my thoughts about this but first the Story.

Story of Brutality?


People might have appreciated the army’s role in combating terrorism but everybody knows its a mess that they created themselves, and, they were actually forced to kill this monster primarily due to international pressure and secondly because it had assumed a frankenstein-ian proportion. Army’s performance in handling terrorists starting from intelligence gathering to eliminating them has been at best marginal. International media/leaders raised serious questions about their ability to deal with a security crises.

Given that Chief Justice was removed by army (missing persons case being central issue) and then restored under public pressure against the army’s will. Army gave tacit approval because it:

i) wanted to shed Musharraf legacy
ii) had no choice

Chief Justice is of course fully cognizant of these dynamics and even if a law of this nature exists. Its good time to open the rationale of such a provision. Justice must be secured for All, offenders be taken to task with their careers getting hit which they deserve. And, alongside, even if offenders fabricate allegations of inefficiency or abusive language (which they almost certainly will), nothing would justify use of physical force and its a fit case to maximize public embarrassment for army and leverage for some steps towards fundamental change in the relationship between civil and military bureaucracy. We can’t behave as if democracy is a temporary interruption between a military system of governance for this country. Dictators in waiting have to be suitably discouraged, repeatedly reminded of their right place and kept on back foot at all times.

Mr.AlI Anan Qamar a 35th common DMG officer currently at the disposal of ERU and working as Camp Incharge Sheikh Yaseen IDP Camp, Mardan was vandalized, brutally beaten, physically and verbally abused by army officers and jawans, while performing his official duties yesterday 8th july 2009.

The ERU members are privy to the sequence of this shameful event. His report is as follows:

Today on 08-07-09, at about 11:00AM, I was sitting in my office at Skeikh Yasin Camp, when Lt Haider of 32 cavalry came to my office. Apparently he was in on angry mood and told me that Major Asad 32 cavalry was not happy with me. He mentioned as list of things which Major Asad wanted to be done through me. I responded and if he had any complaints against me, he better report it to the DCO and Commissioner Mardan.

He threatened me with dire consequences. I then proceeded to the Rub Hall, where an army JCO came and asked me to report about the tents which the army had provided to the camp. I responded that I will hand over a report to some officer like a captain or a major. The JCO misbehaved with me there, in front of many witnesses including two doctors for ERU who had brought in Atta for the IDPs. The JCO too accused me of abusing the army and refused to move, but later some civilians finally managed to take him away from the Rub Hall.

About half an hour later, while I was standing in a container along with Wajid of SRSP, that I saw army jawans fully armed beating up the IDPs. Then Major Asad and Lt Haider rushed towards one with 35/40 troops fully armed and Major Asad said, “Pick him up”.

The jawan of army led by Major Asad and Lt Haider started beating me up mercilessly with fists, shoes and butts of gun and abused me continuously. I was thrown on the ground and beaten. Then they picked me up from my hands and legs and dragged me towards the military vehicle parked outside.

The jawans beat me continuously under the directions of Major Asad and forced me to sit on the floor of the vehicle with my head down. I was then alternately asked to stand on the seat of the vehicle with my hands raised. The beating continued, the abuses continued. The IDPs were rounded up and made to look at my beating the message was given that this is your ACO, and we the army are throwing him out. We have taken over..

I was then thrown on the ground and then dragged on to as to the main Charsadda Road. There my shirt was ripped open and I was asked to lie on the road. Then amidst the continuous beating, Major Asad stopped a rickshaw and I was put in the rickshaw. Lt Haider come to me and said, now you know what the army is and beat me more.

In this whole ordeal I have sustained injuries on the chin and head, bruises on the face, which will be shown in the medicolegal certificate. Prior to the incident they raided my office and took away the record of the camp. Lt Haider took away my two mobiles telephones 1 Nokia communicator with Ufone Sim 0334-4119821 and 2 Sony Erricson 03004132534. The Lt Haider also took away my wallet with some cash in it and ID Cards, Aim Cards, Driving Lenience and Service Card. That cash amounted to R.S 3000-4000/-

I charge Major Asad and Lt Haider for physically assaulting me, causing injuries on my chin and other parts of the body and obstructing me form tha discharge of my official duty, snatching my purse and mobiles. I can also identify the other accused if they are produced before me.

The accused also gave beating to my gun man Qayyum, Mr. Wajid from SRSP and some others who were accompanying me at that time.


Signed by Ali Anan Qamar


Dawn Report


dawn report

What I Think!


This story scared my in many ways, not because the content of incident or anything. I know our police has many many more such examples by Police, Feudal and Bureaucracy. Things which make me fear with all this are;

Situation of People on Ground


It reminds me the situation of 1971, thought I have not been present in that era but still, I can imagine the situation on ground. It recalls me the shouts of General Niazi “I don’t want  the people, I want the LAND”. Then the general behavior of nation “Dog and Bengalis are not allowed!”. Going forward shouts of exploiters,”I can smell the Kenaf (Patsan ) from the roads of Islamabad”. But that time, people in power where the Military and then we witness the Historical operation against Majority Province which lead us to the disintegration of the Nation.

We again have a massive operation on ground, now apparently we have civilian setup, but we know who are the masters of these puppets. At least in the operation theaters army is under full command. After the mess created by Musharaf, and the level of defame Arm forces received, it was expected that they would have learned the lesson and there must be some positive change in the behavior. But with this example it shows hardly any improvement.

I am not in any intention to comment against the morale of army force in this war. But let me say that this all the mess has also been done by they same military establishment, first in the era of Zia-ul-Haq and then Mr. Musharaf. We are yet to know the real stories behind. Specially In the Era of Musharaf. Being a Pakistan, I must say that this war if could not avoided, but it could be kept away from our own soils through the correct political vision and strategy. But that dictator made our own people fighting with us and hence destroyed the social fabric of the society.

Coming to current operation specially Swat, it was the necessary to deal common people living there with utmost affection and care. We still don’t actually what happened on the ground how much “collateral damage” has been done. At least these IDP’s must have been handled with care, not repeating the old blunders. But horrified me, and took me to the 1971 operation. God knows how much operation this nation has to face more!

I Hope! I Pray!


I hope that this story is not having any substance, I hope that our Army Forces have learnt enough lessons. I pray that even it has happened it must not have been effected the any of single IDP.I hope and I pray that it wont be the repetition of 1971. I hope we can avoid God forbade, more disintegration. This country has been the miracle and gift of God, We have to guard This by all the mean we have and its people.

I would like to have follow up and real situation specifically to this camp and this incident, if someone has other version.


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